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GIIBIC will be providing information and advice ranging from setting up Islamic banks, Representative offices, Islamic Investment advice and insurance companies, compliance rulings and other related issues. In, addition, GIIBIC will be offering Islamic Finance, Islamic Wealth Management, Islamic financial planning, Islamic Investment, Motivation, and organizational and Personal Development.

1.     Special Purpose Vehicle (Sukuk Securitization)
GIIBIC provides Islamic investment compliance special purpose vehicle services for corporate and state investment projects and finances. GIIBIC administers the sukuk by ensuring that all both the underlying asset and the processes involves in the slicing the asset are moral-compliance, and that the screening, evaluation, and the slicing are done with high-level of experience, transparent, and precision by playing intelligent role between the originator, rating agents, and the investors .

2.     Establishment and conversion
GIIBIC help conventional financial institutions like banks, an insurance, leasing, and mortgage companies, to convert into an Islamic one, or create Islamic windows.

3.     Enhancing or Restructuring
As part of our consultancy is to assist existing Islamic institution to enhance their operational processes, boost their financial resources, and diversify their portfolios

4.     Regulations
We help governments, who do not have already an Islamic financial system to implement new regulations, and supervision system for Islamic financial institutions

5.     Capacity Building
We identify areas of knowledge short-falls, and bridge the gaps by offering training, man-power development as well as knowledge transfer to Islamic financial institutions.

6.     Islamic Capital Market
The Islamic capital market is important area that drives the growth of the Islamic financial sector. GIIBIC be developing the Ghanaian Islamic capital with a focus on real asset-based instruments, in compliance with moral and ethical Islamic market.

If you require the any of the above services please contact us at: or Call: +233-54-2014094