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Ghana (Bank of Ghana) has  indicated its willingness to license Islamic banks in Ghana by 2014. In lieu of this GIIBIC together with its partners are working on modalities of education, training, and development to help  boost  the industry workforce in Ghana. So currently there is no Islamic banking, or financial institutions in Ghana. We expect most leading banks in Ghana to open Islamic banks windows once legal issues are set from the regulatory side. This will create a demand for Islamic banking workforce, of which GIIBIC in partnership with UK-based IIBI has started training professionals to get ready for the new industry. Interested candidates, professionals, staffs, and the general public who wish to pursue Islamic Banking,  Finance, and Insurance as their career are higly recommended to join our programs now in order to create the necessary workforce for the industry-

1.  (CIB) – Certificate in Islamic Banking
2. ( CIT) – Certificate in Takaful  (Islamic Insurance)
3. (DIB) – Diploma in Islamic Banking
4. (PGD) – Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking

All courses are registered at GIIBIC office, or online and materials are made available to students online, where students can study at their on pace, and within a given time frame for student to complete the course.

Please click here to register online