About this course:-
This course is meant everybody worldwide. The course is meant to equip students and professionals about the concept and principles of Islamic banking in comparison to conventional banking operations. The course also introduce students to Islamic Insurance (Takaful).  In completion this course , students will be awarded Diploma in Islamic Banking from UK, which has been accredited by British Accreditation Council(BAC), and accepted world-widely for further studies, or secure work in the Islamic Banking, and finance Industry.

Who should take this course?:-
The course is open everybody worldwide, and especially those who want to pursue Islamic Banking as their career. Those who are in banking who want to upgrade themselves, as well as individual who want to know about Islamic banking and fiance operations.

  •  Islamic Fund and asset managers
  •   Bankers and finance professionals
  •   Stock brokers 
  •   Academics and students
  •   Balisters/Lawyers
  •   Takaful or Insurance professionals
  •   Scholars of Shari’ah
  •   And those interested to work in Islamic finance

Entry Requirements:-
- ‘A’ certificate with grades of A, B, C
– Ghana Senior High School or any oversea qualification equivalent to ‘A’ level requirement
– Certificate of Islamic Banking (CIB) or Insurance (CIT)
– Certificate in Islamic Finance issued by Chartered Institute of Securities, & Investment (CISI)

Duration & Modules:-
The course duration is 9 months with 5 modules as follows:

Module 1: Islamic Economic System

Module 2: Modes of Shari’ah-Compliant transactions

Module 3: Islamic banking Operations

Module 4: Governance, Regulations, Accounting Issues in Islamic Banking

Module 5: Introduction to Islamic  Insurance (Takaful)

Course Syllabus:  Please click here for course syllabus

Study Method: Please click here for guide to studies

Course Fees: The fees is £500 or its equivalent in Ghanaian cedi

We accept payment in Ghanaian equivalent of the British Pound, at our office, through online payment using credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer. Payment can only be done after we have received your online application, and accepted your admission